29 April—16 May

“Ditch Plains”. A film by Loretta Fahrenholz 


“Ditch Plains” (2013) presents an apocalyptic vision of a networked city in which the choreographed movements of the Ringmaster Dance crew belong to the only bodies left alive. Taking its cues from the disaster movie genre, but slowly dissolving its narrative, the film reveals how terror is manifested and consumed by society.

Loretta Fahrenholz (*1981 in Starnberg, Germany) is a filmmaker/artist currently based in Florence. Recent films include “Haust” (2010), “Que Bárbara” (2011), “Implosion” (2011), “Grand Openings Return of the Blogs” (2012), “Ditch Plains” (2013) and “My Throat, My Air” (2013).

Organised by Jenna Bliss and Alex Davidson

Opening screening Tuesday 29 April, 7pm at the Vilnius Planetarium Cinema Hall. Film is screened at The Gardens till the 16 May 2014, Thursday and Friday 4-6pm and by appointment.