21 January – 21 March, 2012

Mark Geffriaud Opening

Dear Mark,
Press release

Mark Geffriaud solo show Opening 2012 01 21-03 21 and Molly Nilsson concert 2012 01 21 at The Gardens (Vilnius, Lithuania). Performance starts ant 6pm, concert greets at 8pm. Hope to see you around.

The Gardens is a new exhibition space initiated by Inesa Pavlovskaite and Gerda Paliusyte. It is located in the building of a planetarium in Vilnius, Lithuania (Konstitucijos pr. 12A). The Gardens aims to become a relevant agent of culture in the city and to introduce the most interesting both local and international art processes in a shape of exhibitions, events, concerts and lectures.

Conversation between Inesa Pavlovskaite, Gerda Paliusyte and Mark Geffriaud. Extract.

Inesa: the gardens with a window: is it true?
Mark: is it not the window that has a garden?
Inesa: Gerda thought about that. I thought the other way. Thought about the earthquake in a sea.
Gerda: what’s your zodiac sign?
Mark: water.
Inesa: so you can make water suspended in a form of a glass after it is removed, can‘t you?
Mark: like everybody.
Gerda: how does it relate to the little squares on your sweater?
Mark: both consequences of earthquake in the sea. How does it relate with your heads being in a bowl?
Inesa: C4: double jump. Do you imagine your checkers being white or black?
Mark: I imagine playing tennis.
I and G: we thought we were winning.

A couple of questions to Molly Nilsson:

Would a sound be different in a room with a door open?
Definetly, sound would have the chance to escape.
Do you like when it rains?
There are many different kinds of rain and I like most of them. The only one I don’t like is the kind that falls on you on the way to work.

Mark Geffriaud (1977) lives and works in Paris
This young contemporary French artist combines in his oeuvre strategies of conceptual art with intuitive poetic experience. Works of Mark Geffriaud who creates objects, texts and performances, will be represented for Lithuanian audience for the first time. During the performances in Vilnius, an artist will create one piece and take away another. The one which stays will be on a panel at the exhibition space The Gardens till the 21st of March.

Latest solo shows:
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Alex Cecchetti et Mark Geffriaud: The Police Return to the Magic Shop, programmation Satellite 4, Jeu de Paume, Paris
Who I am entering the house my brother?, gb agency, Artissima, Torino, 2010
et Mason, EMBA, Galerie Manet, Gennevilliers
et Dixon, Zoo Galerie, Nantes
Robert Breer & Mark Geffriaud, Art Premiere, gb agency, Art 40 Basel
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Molly Nilsson (1984) lives and works in Berlin.
Young Swedish singer called one-woman-symphony travelling around a world. This time she stops in Vilnius and here we will listen to her soft vocal in a dream pop tone at one evening concert behind the red curtain.

Latest concerts:
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The Support:
French Institute in Lithuania
Embassy of Sweden in Lithuania
AB Vilniaus degtinė



21 January, 2012

Concert by Molly Nilsson


Photos by Rasa Juškevičiūtė