July 1—July 28, 2012

Exhibition by Laura Kaminskaitė 

Press release

Walking in a Title by Laura Kaminskaite at the exhibition room The Gardens

July 1—July 28, 2012
Opening on the 1st of July at 6 pm.

Walking in a Title is a solo show by Laura Kaminskaite where an artwork, a title, the exhibition space and the texts—ghosts are constantly exchanging their places. Living structures create here different times through which one can stroll in various styles.

Other participants are Valentinas Klimasauskas, Francesco Pedraglio, Matthew Post (aka Post Brothers).

Laura Kaminskaite (born in 1984) is a young generation artist who creates objects, books and texts. The logic of everyday world and the one of art world (as well as the absence of both) are lapping in Kaminskaite’s oeuvre. The infinite actualization of forms is happening here restlessly at every wink.

Recent shows: “Sparrows” (Lithuanian Art 2012), CAC, Vilnius, 2012; “Evening with Doctor Sheppard” (Lithuanian Art 2012), CAC, Vilnius, 2012; “Intermission”, Riga, 2011.

Curator: Inesa Pavlovskaite

The Gardens
Konstitucijos pr. 12A (planetarium), Vilnius, Lithuania
Opening hours: 
 or by appointment

Event is supported by Ministry of Culture of The Republic of Lithuania


Photos by Laura Kaminskaitė