23 November – 20 December, 2013

Two solo shows: Laura Kaminskaitė Exhition and Augustas Serapinas Jakubowska 16/3 – Jakubowska 16/3

The Gardens are happy to announce the two shows by Laura Kaminskaitė and Augustas Serapinas taking place simultaneously at BWA Warszawa gallery in Warsaw.

Laura Kaminskaite (b. 1984, lives and works in Vilnius) – an artist whose oeuvre is mainly focused on the phenomenon of exhibition, while playing with and within it’s structure and highlighting the approach of spectator as well as the clues of perception. The artworks from the artist’s previous exhibitions will meet with the new ones and overlap to create the character of a particular situation – “Exhition”.

For the most part of his artistic practice Augustas Serapinas (b. 1990, lives and works in Vilnius) works in situ, exploring and researching places, and employing the materials he finds there for the subsequent site-specific projects, be it an installation or an experience. For his solo show “Jakubowska 16/3 – Jakubowska 16/3” in BWA Gallery an artist will create a new piece, related to the location of the gallery: the history of the building and a story of its inhabitant.

Curated by The Gardens

Exhibitions take place at BWA WARSZAWA, Jakubowska 16/3, 03-902 Warsaw, Poland

Supported by: Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Warsaw


Laura Kaminskaitė Exhition






Augustas Serapinas Jakubowska 16/3 – Jakubowska 16/3